here is a list of (some of the) music that means a lot to me. some of it has changed my life, some of it i just have fun listening to. take a listen if youd like.

probably my favorite album of all time. beautiful fucking music that covers everything you could possibly feel.

one of my biggest influences. unbelievable songwriting and composition. one day the world will realize sputnik's genius.

this album sounds like winter. very dark, raw, and powerful. rest in peace ryan.

one of the first punk albums i listened to. fucking unreal that this was made by one person. another genius gone too soon.

the epitome of emo music. i honestly dont know if you can do that classic midwest emo sound any better than this.
got into this album hard in freshman year and i dont even wanna know how many times ive listened to it.

another record ive been listening to since forever. this shit goes fucking HARD.

so many memories with this record. its the sound of going to a party for the first time.